• At least 4 years of commercial JavaScript experience
  • 3+ years of experience with React
Senior / Strong Middle FrontEnd Developer (React)
Project Overview

The client is a Swiss banking group, via their online financial platform and analysis & selection tools, they are active in trading in equities, funds, bonds, warrants, options & futures and cryptocurrencies. The bank also offers services designed specifically for asset managers and corporate clients. In addition, the bank offers forex platforms and services, robo-advisory, thematic trading certificates and portfolios as well as traditional banking services, including mortgages, savings accounts and multi-currency credits cards.


  • Technical tasks implementation, design, refactoring
  • Code review, code optimisation
  • Proceed with team planning, proper estimations, commitments
  • Perform effective technical leading with code review process
  • Communication with customer for requirements analysis, sprint planning, estimations, retrospectives
  • At least 4 years of commercial JavaScript experience
  • 3+ years of experience with React
  • Proficient in building rich React applications with different state-management paradigms
  • Proficient with web layout development specifics such as browser rendering optimisation, reflow/repaint principles, DOM access/changes optimisations, canvas, web components.
  • Understand how to write performant code and how to profile JS VM.
  • Experience of isolation (mocking) JS frameworks and unit-testing
  • SSR, REST, Sockets
  • Ability to take responsibility for delivering finite unit of functionality
  • Ability to analyse and clarify requirements and corner cases
  • Ability to coach junior-middle team member
  • Ability to integrate best practices and oversee technical solution of the application
  • Deep understanding of development principles and paradigms, architectural concepts, patterns, and approaches
  • Strong algorithmic, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Passion for agile development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban Lean) and engineering practices (continuous integration, continuous delivery, test-driven development)
  • Being able to support planning process, organise development process and perform high-quality delivery according to the expected scheduling
  • Eager for self-learning as well as for learning from industry experts
  • Able to work independently and mindfully as part of a cohesive cross-functional Agile team
  • Upper-Intermediate / Fluent English

Odesa, Kharkiv

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